December/January Newsletter and Letter from Our President

December/January Newsletter 20152016

This year ,we were able to grant $6,000 worth of wishes for teachers and staff.  In September, we sent out a wish list request form to all teachers and staff for them to submit to FOPHS for items they would like the group to fund for their programs.  The money from the membership drive primarily funds the wish lists items.

We were able to provide the following items this year:

Social Studies Resource Books
English Resource books, literary posters,
World Language Interactive programs, books, videos
Mechatronics Soldering irons and misc supplies
Science Enviro books , Instructional DVD’s , Anatomy dissection kits,  Physics supplies
Art Sculpture wheels, art tools
Photography Photo printer

We would like to see you…..attending one of our meetings allows you to find out what FOPHS is all about.  It will also provide you the opportunity to hear, in more depth, what’s going on at PHS, ask questions and get an update from our principal, Mr. Efstathiu, who also attends regularly. We are still in need of a board position to be filled, see below what is open.

If you have not become a member yet, it is not too late.  To become a member, you can go to and click on the DONATE button on the front page  or send an email to for a form to be emailed to you.  

This year the following position(s) are open on the committee:

Newsletter Coordinator – Manage monthly newsletter and general communication to parent members including deadlines, article submissions and design of newsletter.

Our next board  meeting, January 6th at 6:30pm in the staff lounge upstairs above the school office.  Thank you in advance for your support!    We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and thank you again for supporting FOPHS and the school.

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