Wish List

Each year, teachers are given the opportunity to make a wish list request from FOPHS to ask for items that would enrich a student’s education. We have been able to provide many requests over the years thanks to parents that donated to the membership drive.
So far, this year we have been able to raise enough money to grant the wishes totaling over $13000.

If you would like to donate to a particular program please go to PHS website, go into the Webstore, and click on Classroom Material Donation. Or click Here.

A big THANK YOU to all of you who have donated to our Membership drive!

2016-2017 Completed Wish List

Science Spectrophotometer
Science Wireless document camera
Science Dissenction specimens
English Posters for collaboration
English Masterprose and Contemporary Classics
English Posters for classroom
English Field trip expenses
AVID/SS Stand up desk
VAPA/SS Games for role playing drama
Science Air Rocket Lab replacement parts
CTE/Mechatronics table saw
Social Studies class set of supplemental texts
Special Ed shredder
Music cymbals, stands and drum throne
ASL Amazon books
ASL DVDs, activity guides, ASL games
Art projector bulbs
Spanish readers – set of 30 various titles (partial)
English portable white boards
Ceramics Rack system
Ceramics new kiln (partial funding)

2015-2016 Completed Wish List

Social Studies Books/Games
Science AP Envior Books/Physics Supplies/Anatomy/Physiology
Psychology DVD and demo kits/CD book and lab kits
CTE Soldering Irons
English Rescource Books/Poster quotes
World Language Spanish Support Items
Art Epson Phot Printer/Sculpture Wheels/Art Supplies

2014-2015 Completed Wish List

Social Studies DVD Learning materials classrooms
Science Crucibles
Music Speaker System
English Caesar learning materials
English Educational Posters for classroom
World Language French Language Materials
Math Graphing Calculators

2013-2014 Completed Wish List

Art Printmaking Unit
Art Photo Light Kit
English Document cameras (4)
Fine and Performing Arts Bass Drum/Gong Mallets
Math Computer Speakers
Mechatronics Microprocessors
Science Water Quality Test Kits
Science Anatomy/Physiology DVD
Science Lab Quest 2 Interface
Science Anatomy/Physiology specimens
Science Document camera/access
Social Studies Axis and Allies Minis
Social Studies iPad Document Stand

2012-2013 Completed Wish List

Social Science 30 individual white boards
Science Apple TV for iPads used in class room
Science Pasport Airlink 2 for science demonstrations to allow connection wireless
Social Science Puerto Rico Board Game – class set of 7 for geography elective course
English Literary Posters for classroom
Athletics – All Basketballs
Athletics – All HiTech training plates for weight training classes  – teaches proper technique t
ELD 2 year subscription to scholastic magazines for 22 students
Art – Photography AVER F50 Document Camera – for photopgraphy classes
Languages Electronic tools for French language
Science Electronic Balance for Science and Inkless foot/shoe print kit for Forensics class
Science 72 Target arrows for Physics Achery Lab
Science Microscope slides of 6 types of epithelial tissuefor Anatomy/Physiology class
Science 12 class sets of model skulls for Anatomy/Physiology class  and 1 teaching model of the skeletal system

2011-2012 Completed Wish List

Lego motors, gears and bricks for Mechatronics
Set of air powered rockets for Science
California Insects, LS Motte NPK Soil Test kit, Steve Set and soil texture test kits for science
Wood for garden boxes for Special Education
Pig Organ Set for Science
Scholastic Magazine Subscription for ELD
Pre Algebra Software for Math
Lenswork Photography Subscription for Photo/Fine Art
Education posters for English
4 Logitech Wireless Presenters/Clickers for English
Forms of government and economic ideologies DVD and poster set, workbook, cold war poster set for social science
French Magazine subscription and French stamps for Language
Spark activity packs, Prestwick Units and puzzle packs-speak and TKAM for english
Butterfly Nets for Science
Fingerprint supplies, molecular model kits for Science