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FOPHS is very excited to announce some of our favorite local wineries participating in The “Green and Gold Food and Wine Festival” on  April 9, 2016:

To wet your appetite, each week leading up to the Green and Gold Food and Wine Festival, we will share highlights of each of the wineries attending our event.


This week’s featured winery is PaZa.buy finasteride online paypal

PaZa Estate Winery is on the Placer Wine Trail, about half-way between Auburn, Newcastle, and Lincoln.  Pamela and Zane Dobson planted their vineyard almost ten years ago with friends and family, and they’ve been making award winning wines ever since.  Their tasting shed is open weekends, next to the vineyard where you can enjoy relaxing views with a bottle of Petite Sirah, Primitivo, Barbera, Zin, or Albarino in the picnic area.

About the owners:

Zane’s originally from Oklahoma, and his first career was in general aviation as a designer.  His first passion was sport cars and road racing.  Throughout the ‘90s he lived to race, spending many weekends every year with the Porsche Club or other racing organizations.

Pamela’s a California girl, with a career spanning 40-years in retail grocery industry.  She was an avid bicyclist, long-distance hiker, and snow skier for many years, and participated in numerous long distance bike races as well as multi day cross-country hikes.

PaZa – Expressions of Passion, one Small-Lot at a time!
buy finasteride online prescription
3357 Ayres Holmes Road, Auburn, CA. 95602


Purchase tickets here: buy finasteride online safe


buy generic finasteride 5mg online

To purchase tickets online go to order finasteride online canada


buy finasteride cheap online uk


buy finasteride cheap online

Calling all hands to start the planning for Grad Night 2016. Maryann Collins and Susie Stangland have stepped up to be chair and assistant chair of the event. But to make Grad Night 2016 come to fruition many hands are needed. Planning needs to start NOW! This event cannot happen unless parents step forward to help. Both Maryanne and Susie look forward to seeing any and all at the meeting next week in the PHS cafeteria.