November Newsletter and Message from Our President


Dear Placer High School Families: We have been able to provide school support over the years thanks to parents that have donated to the membership drive. Your donations support the teachers wish list each year. Teachers are given the opportunity to make a wish list request from FOPHS to ask for items that would enrich a student’s education. This year, the wish list includes books, calculators, drills for Mechatronics, frames for the art department, specimens for Anatomy, soil testing kits for Environmental Science, and a field trip to the Crocker Art Museum for Humanities. We are still working towards our goal to raise over $5,000 in membership so we can continue support the teachers, classrooms, and activities at placer High School. If you have not become a member yet, it is not too late. To become a member, you can go to and click on the DONATE button on the front page or send an email to for a form to be emailed to you.

Sincerely, Lisa Voss

FOPHS President