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Be sure to enjoy a tasting with this wonderful winery at our March 18th event.

PaZa Estate Winery is on the Placer Wine Trail, half‐way between Auburn, Newcastle, and Lincoln. Pamela and Zane Dobson planted their vineyard ten years ago with friends and family, and they’ve been making award winning wines since the very first vintage. They’ve been open almost every weekend for over 5‐years now. Their rustically elegant tasting shed is positioned right next to the vineyard, where you can enjoy relaxing views in the picnic area. They produce Petite Sirah, Primitivo, Barbera, Zin, Rose, and Albarino.

PaZa – Expressions of Passion, one Small‐Lot at a time!

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3357 Ayres Holmes Road, Auburn, CA. 95602

A little bit about the owners – pre winery:

Zane’s originally from Oklahoma, and his first career was in general aviation as a designer. His first passion was road racing sport cars at tracks all around America. Throughout the ‘90s he lived to race, spending many weekends every year with the Porsche Club or other racing organizations. Pamela’s a California girl, with a career of over 40‐years in retail grocery industry. She was an avid bicyclist, long‐distance hiker, and snow skier for many years, and participated in numerous long distance bike races as well as multi day cross‐country hikes.

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Bootlegger’s Old Town Tavern and Grill

Your ticket to our event on March 18th includes wine tastings and food bites from the area’s favorite wineries & restaurants. We are excited to welcome back Bootleggers this year!

Bootleggers Old Town Tavern & Grill, a front-runner in the use of locally sustainable products, continues to feature fresh, local produce, USDA choice meats and daily seafood specials grilled over a wood-burning grill.  Executive Chef and co-owner, Ty Rowe, favors simple, fresh flavors prepared in many international cooking styles, using locally grown products to provide a seasonal menu, balanced with a blend of classical flavors and home-style comfort food. Our eclectic menus showcase the freshness of the seasonal foods available to our area. Whether it be from one of our local farmers or brought in from one of the neighboring regions, you will always find the best of what is in season available on our menu.

To learn more visit: buy finasteride amazon