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We have been able to provide school support over the years thanks to parents that have donated to the membership drive. Your donations support the teachers wish list each year. Teachers are given the opportunity to make a wish list request from FOPHS to ask for items that would enrich a student’s education. This year, the wish list  included soldering irons for mechatronics, a photo printer with ink, foreign language books, DVD’s and CD’s  for Spanish, Anatomy /Physiology lab items, supplies and sculpture wheels for Art classes, Physics lab supplies, English resource books and AP Enviro books, Headphones and literary posters for classrooms.

We are still working towards our goal to raise over $5,000 so we can continue to provide academic supplies for teachers and staff and support for many other programs, like sports, art and welding.  If you have not become a member yet, it is not too late.  To become a member, you can go to order finasteride online uk and click on the DONATE button on the front page  or send an email to cheap finasteride australia for a form to be emailed to you.

We always encourage parents to get involved  please come to one of our meetings this year and find out what FOPHS is all about.   Attending the meeting allows you to hear, in more depth, what’s going on at PHS, ask questions and get an update from our principal, Mr. Efstathiu, who also attends regularly.

This year the following position(s) are open on the committee:

Newsletter Coordinator – Manage monthly newsletter and general communication to parent members including deadlines, article submissions and design of newsletter.

So stay connected to what is going on at the school and come to our next board  meeting, November 4th at 6:30pm in the staff lounge upstairs above the school office.  Thank you in advance for your support!


Kim Lightfoot